Duneier Sidewalk Reading Response

Sign, sign, everywhere a sign
Blockin’ out the scenery, breakin’ my mind
Do this, don’t do that, can’t you read the sign?

Five Man Electrical Band for those interested: Signs, Signs Everywhere a Sign

To observe is to spy. To participate is to earn trust. You could be the creeper in the corner of the house or you could write down your name for the next game of beer pong. It’s one thing to observe human behavior; it’s another entirely to be a part of human behavior. I have a unique memory that allows me to recall any memory from this moment on down to when I just turned four years old. I can remember every waking moment. Everything. It’s like a large and extensive file room in a warehouse. However, I am afflicted with ADHD and is often difficult to organize my thoughts. So instead of organization in this warehouse, it’s just been hit with a Category 3 hurricane and paperwork everywhere. Organized chaos is how I would classify my memory. So when I visit or travel to a place where I had been a child, I remember how it was then and compare with the now. It’s different than growing up in a location where the slightest change is noticeable. A Burger King turns into a Starbucks. The old strip malls is gentrified and turned into Chipotle, another Starbucks, Noodles and Co., etc. With my memory I shape my personality to adapt to my surroundings. I can speak to ‘remember when’ as if I were a local though I hadn’t been to a location in nearly 20 years. It’s a phenomenal trait and a terrible burden to have. Duneier had me revisit some fond memories and some bad ones too. So when people are walking down a street, sidewalk or alley and I see them, I remember it. I’ve tried my entire adult life to learn how to forget. Forget to remember. With my memory, I remember people and more importantly, their own traits. It permits me to become more personable because I can adapt to my surroundings. I can pick up a conversation I had with someone 15 years ago or yesterday. Active and passive participation has never been a weakness for me. I play the role of wallflower and center-of-attention at the same time. Though it helps to have sign-posts established in my head; sort of like road signs. Hence the song about signs, not its blatant jabs at establishment.


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