Final Project Proposal

So yeah, I was under the impression that the Boulder project and the final project were one in the same. I mixed up the two somehow. So, here we go:

For your Final Project proposal, I’d like you to write 1-2 pages (250-500 words) on the following:

  1. what you plan to do for the travel text
  2. who you are envisioning as the audience for the text and how will you deliver or distribute the text
  3. how the text utilizes modes of narrative, analysis, and research
  4. how the text will address the question of “what is travel writing?”

Everyone has that one story that they will always remember. It’s a story that, in this case, happened while they were on vacation somewhere. I’m not talking about the situation where a story begins with “this one time…” It’s been done. Done to death. American Pie permanently and irreparably damaged this phrase. Everything happens “one time” on vacation. Maybe you’ve never tried Thai food until traveling to Thailand. Perhaps you flew through the sky on a zip-line through a Peruvian jungle. Even maybe you exchanged pleasantries with a penguin in South Africa. Whatever the case, it’s all one time. It’s a memorable moment but it’s exactly and only that: a moment in time. Maybe you’ve been to Hawaii. Perhaps you’ve been to Salina, Kansas and visited the college campus there. Let’s get crazy. Maybe you’ve been to Egypt, Turkey or Jordan. Vladivostok. Rjekjavik. Just one time. Memorable but only a memory. What about vacations or traveling that only makes us remember that one moment or a series of ‘one moments’ instead of the entire trip? The layovers at three different airports. The questionable meat on a stick you bought while stuck in traffic. Even something as simple as the bed you slept in or the hotel. What I will do is incorporate a lange of narrative, rhetoric and analysis that argues that when talking about a trip, you don’t talk about those moments but the whole damn story. This will (hopefully) answer the question of “what is travel writing?”


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