Who Knows Only His Own Generation Remains Always A Child (SWA)

I’ve walked the sidewalks, the streets and the grass of this university for two and a half years and yet each and every day feels like the first time. I was a transplant from a community college and well on my way of earning my degree. I wish I chose this school because of its high academic achievements, its renowned sports facilities and teams or for potential for personal growth. The answer for me is D: None of the above. I picked the University of Colorado in Boulder for two simple and silly reasons: I love the look of CU and my dad went here when he was my age. I had been accepted to a half dozen schools in Colorado and elsewhere but I fell in love with CU the day I went for a campus tour with my dad. If you’ve never taken a campus tour and you attend that school, you’re missing out. I always knew I would end up here but I didn’t know when or how. The campus tour took me, my dad and two dozen other CU hopefuls all around the campus. My dad pointed out all the old buildings that were there in the 70s and all the new ones built since then. In some parts, he knew more about CU and its buildings than our tour guides. At some points, he led the discussion. For anyone else that would be embarrassing but we and the other two dozen listened intently as he talked about Old Main or the old chemistry building, the physics building or Norlin Library. I love the look and feel of each building. I love that people file in and out of buildings like ants in an ant colony. I love that there is knowledge everywhere and yet no where. We are all smart individuals. We know everything and yet we know nothing of the world until we attend school. To this day it cracks me up that each building looks brand new yet when you go inside, you’re transported back to the 60s or 70s. This is especially true for Clare, Hellems, University Club and Guggenheim. It gives you a sense that greatness is achieved through this academic institution. This university has existed for over 100 years and is steeped in history. By attending CU you are a part of history. That gives me the tingles all over. When I grace the stage to accept my diploma this May, I will be a part of history. I walk the same halls, sidewalks, streets, and grass that my dad did oh so many years before. I think that’s pretty fantastic.


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